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Our experienced team at CML Sitework & Excavating specializes in everything from initial to final grading, ensuring your site is perfectly prepped for construction. Our full construction site prep services assist homeowners with achieving their dream of building a home. We do residential construction site prep plus commercial site preparation for larger-scale projects.

Grading and clearing services for Baldwin County residents

Whether planning a residential development, commercial complex, or building a new home along the Gulf Coast, CML Sitework & Excavating is your trusted partner for construction site preparation.

Rough grading and land clearing services

During rough grading, we contour the land to create a basic shape and slope, laying the groundwork for construction. During this phase, debris, rocks, and other materials that could disrupt the project are removed. Some projects require a step back, where your land may require complete land clearing and demolition of structures, and that’s ok! CML Sitework & Excavating handles all of your excavating and grading needs.

Final grading

Final grading is an essential step in construction site prep that occurs after the foundation is in place but before any structures are erected. The primary objective is to ensure proper drainage on the site, preventing water accumulation that could damage the structures.

Utility trenches and drainage systems

From utility trenches to drainage ditches and lines, we handle all aspects of underground infrastructure with expertise and efficiency. Our services include culvert construction, site entrances, and erosion control measures.

Graded dirt for new homes at a construction site

Commercial site preparation

Our commercial site preparation services are tailored to meet the demands of larger developments. With the infrastructure and experience to handle sizable jobs, we begin with land clearing and progress to tasks such as undercutting and filling. Our team manages the excavation of water and power lines, ensuring seamless coordination and installation. As a general contractor for the entire site prep process, we provide a one-stop solution for all your construction site preparation needs.

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