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From initial excavation to final grade and slope, we handle every aspect of pond construction with precision and expertise. Choose CML Sitework & Excavating for construction and management of valuable flooring mitigation and erosion control measures.

Preventing flooding and stagnation: The vital role of retention ponds

Retention ponds serve as vital infrastructure in preventing stagnant water and flooding by collecting and storing excess runoff during heavy rainfall or storms. By temporarily holding this water, retention ponds help mitigate the risk of flooding downstream by controlling the flow and release of water.

New pond construction

Our retention pond construction begins with a full dig-out, ensuring proper depth and dimensions for effective water retention. We conduct test holes to assess soil composition and adjust for optimal results. Additionally, we seal the pond to prevent water leakage and ensure long-lasting durability. To promote proper drainage and prevent water stagnation, we meticulously finalize the grade and slope of the retention pond. Our team ensures that water flows smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of flooding and erosion.


Once the excavation and sealing are complete, and depending on your preferences and site requirements, we offer hydroseeding or sodding options to enhance the landscape around the pond. Hydroseeding is an effective method for stabilizing soil and promoting vegetation growth around retention ponds, providing erosion control and improving the overall aesthetics of the area. It’s essentially a mixture of seed, fertilizer, straw, stabilizers, and moisture components that, when sprayed, lies flat on the ground and creates a blanket. 

Redirecting and flow change

In addition to maintenance, we can redirect and alter the flow of existing ponds. Whether you need to convert a large pond into multiple smaller ponds or change the direction of water flow, we have the expertise and equipment to handle the job effectively.

A Silt Fence Around a Retention Pond

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