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CML Sitework & Excavating wants to be your trusted partner for erosion control in Baldwin County, AL, and parts of the Gulf Coast region, where adverse weather is a common concern. We understand the challenges of erosion in our area and provide comprehensive services to protect your land and structures from water and wind damage. From hydroseeding to inlet protection, we want to be part of the solution.

Vegetation serves as a powerful ally in combating erosion

As vegetation establishes itself, it provides crucial stability to slopes and embankments, reducing the risk of erosion and enhancing the overall resilience of the landscape. We use methods to promote vegetation to strengthen embankments and other sloped areas.


At CML Sitework & Excavating, we harness the benefits of vegetation through techniques like hydroseeding, where a mixture of seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and water is sprayed onto bare soil. This process promotes the rapid growth of grasses and other vegetation, forming a dense root network that helps bind soil particles together. With our hydroseeding services, let’s turn bare, vulnerable soil into a stable landscape.

Erosion control fabrics

Shield your newly seeded areas from erosion with our erosion control blankets. We can incorporate these barriers that help retain soil while allowing water to pass through. By effectively filtering sediment and controlling water flow, erosion control fabric reduces the risk of erosion and sediment runoff, protecting slopes, embankments, and other vulnerable areas from the damaging effects of wind and water.

Erosion prevention system installed on hill

Inlet protection: preserving water quality

Maintain the integrity of nearby water bodies with our inlet protection services. We can install sediment barriers and silt fences around stormwater inlets, effectively filtering out sediment and pollutants. Trust us to protect water quality and preserve the health of aquatic ecosystems.

Soil stabilization for effective site prep in Baldwin County

Ensure the stability of your slopes and embankments with our professional excavation grading and soil stabilization. In Baldwin County, Alabama, where the natural soil may not always be ideal for supporting some construction projects, soil stabilization techniques play a crucial role in construction site preparation. By incorporating binding agents into the soil, we enhance its shear strength and weight-bearing capabilities.

Get specialized erosion control from our Baldwin County site prep company.

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