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Excavation is the backbone of any construction project, laying the groundwork for success from the beginning. At CML Sitework & Excavating, we understand the importance of timelines, precision, and expertise in excavation services. Our attention to detail and commitment to delivering the best results ensure that your project starts on the right foot.

Dirt work is our specialty

When preparing land for construction projects in Baldwin County, Alabama, dirt work is where we shine. Imagine planning to build your dream home or a new commercial development. Before construction begins, the land needs to be cleared, leveled, properly graded, and sloped to prevent erosion. Our team gets right on it and handles every aspect of excavation and dirt work with a common goal.

Utility trenches and drainage ditches

Our excavation team is well-equipped to handle various trenching needs, from utility trenches to drainage ditches. We dig trenches precisely, ensuring they are at the correct depth and alignment for utility installation. Moreover, we excel in installing drainage ditches and lines, paying close attention to backfilling techniques to maintain structural integrity.

Road beds and bases

We deliver durability and stability when it comes to constructing road beds and gravel bases along with site entrances. We lay the groundwork for roads that ensure your construction site preparation is complete and functional.

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Erosion control - a paramount concern for the Baldwin County area

With our help, you can combat soil erosion and mitigate the risks of water runoff. Our innovative techniques and comprehensive erosion control measures can help ensure your property's long-term stability and sustainability. Ask us about our pond construction to help mitigate flooding and stagnant water.

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